A broader perspective and a deeper insight!

A combination of business analysis skills and software design expertise enables us to bring both of these qualities in our engagements.

Connecting the dots is a crucial concept, in any enterprise endeavor. A penchant for doing that with passion is what differentiates an entity (person, team, company) from other average entities.

We excel when called upon to digest and comprehend your problem statement, and synthesize a system to offer an appropriate solution, with tangible results!

To connect the dots, one needs to read between the lines, look beneath the surface and understand the context in which the business operates, in order to weave the fabric that constitutes innovation and progress.

Here is how we help you “connect the dots” in your software landscape!

Integrate with your team

Our local staff integrates with your in-house product / business team(s), eliminating your need to stretch across time zones. Moreover, we have a software product engineering pedigree, enabling us to design solutions that are appropriate to your needs, not under-or-over architected.

We can complement any engineering team, with unique skills and calibre to deliver quality solutions.

Deliver solutions that delight

Any service provider can claim expertise in this or that technology.

What matters to a client: can we deliver the most cost-effective, robust and extensible solution for your needs?

We utilize the most appropriate technology to deliver concrete business solutions, so the client can leave all the heavy lifting to us!

Attention to Details

Whether it is in Project Management, or designing for uncommon use cases, or implementation processes that reduce defects, or in post-implementation support - all of these require dotting the “i”s and crossing the “t”s.

We don't spare any effort in focusing on details, which helps us be client-centric.

This is not an empty promise; you can count on that fact!